Urgent Petition: Ghana: #ReleaseThe21 LGBT+ activists and community members!

Urgent Petition: Ghana: #ReleaseThe21 LGBT+ activists and community members!

It’s Mathias from All Out. I’d like to let you know about an urgent campaign an All Out member from Ghana started on our petition platform.

Here’s what you need to know:

Why is this petition important?

At least 21 people were arrested by local police in the city of Ho, Ghana, on May 20 after police stormed a workshop for LGBT+ people. The police later declared the detained were arrested for “advocating LGBT+ activities.” But the arrests were illegal – there is no law in Ghana preventing LGBT+ people or activists from gathering.

What is the petition asking for?

The petition starter is asking the authorities to release the 21 immediately and unconditionally, meaning all charges made against them must be dropped.

Why should you sign the petition TODAY?

The 21 have been in police custody for almost two weeks. Some of them suffer from medical illnesses and need treatment for trauma. And time is running out: this Friday, June 4, the court will determine what happens next. We must dial up the pressure on the authorities before then to make sure they are released immediately!

I’m in touch with the petition starter and I’ve assured them that All Out members will have their backs.

And don’t forget: you can also launch a petition like this on All Out’s platform. Just click here to get started. Maybe next time it will be your petition getting support from the global All Out movement!

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