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Fully-funded PhD opportunity at Birmingham City University: LGBTQ teaching row

Fully-funded PhD opportunity at Birmingham City University: LGBTQ teaching row

I wanted to let you know that we’ve got an excellent opportunity for a fully-funded PhD study on the LGBTQ teaching row in Birmingham and beyond. I was hoping you might be able to help me disseminate this information? Details below.

Some exciting news for anyone thinking of doing a PhD in the area of LGBTQ inclusion:

BCU School of Social Sciences has secured funding for an excellent candidate to work on an interdisciplinary research project entitled ‘What can we learn from the LGBTQ teaching row in Birmingham?’

Birmingham has hit the headlines because of protests against the inclusion of same sex relationships in sex and relationship education in schools. This PhD aims to understand the debates, the anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, their effects on LGBTQ people (including hate crime), as well as teachers’ confidence in incorporating LGBTQ content into their teaching.

We strongly encourage to apply candidates with the ability to analyse the teaching row in Birmingham in an international perspective, taking into account the ongoing fundamentalist, anti-gender and anti-LGBTQ campaigns in other countries. 

Essential qualifications are:

  • A minimum of 2.1 UK UG degree in a relevant subject (eg psychology, sociology, politics) or the overseas equivalent
  • Undergraduate level qualifications in qualitative methods and quantitative statistical analysis
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work as a member of a team with shared goals
  • Interpersonal skills: ability to relate to others with tact and diplomacy

Supervisory Team: Dr Lesley Storey, Dr Piotr Godzisz, Dr Keeley Abbott

The funding consists of a tax-free stipend paid monthly and has a current value of £15,285 per annum. The bursary is renewable annually for up to 36 months in total, subject to you making satisfactory progression within your PhD research.

Successful applicants for our funded PhD studentships will receive a tax-free research stipend that tracks UK Research Council rates (currently £15,285) and a fee waiver to the value of Home / EU student PhD fees (currently £4,407). 

The closing date for applications is 23.59 on Sunday 31 May 2020.

More info:

USA. Idaho lawmakers approve transgender restrictions

USA. Idaho lawmakers approve transgender restrictions

Two bills restricting the rights of transgender people in Idaho were sent to Governor Brad Little for signature this week. HB 509 prevents transgender people from changing the sex listed on their birth certificates. HB 500 bans transgender women and girls from competing on female sports teams.

Idaho’s government has been warned that both bills will face lawsuits in federal courts as they violate the Constitution’s equal protection clause. In 2018 the US District Court for the District of Idaho struck down an almost identical law to HB 509. The court held that the prior law unconstitutionally discriminated against transgender people. Idaho did not appeal the ruling. Lambda Legal, the law firm that represented the plaintiffs, issued a press release calling for Little to veto the law on Thursday.

Supporters of HB 509 say it is necessary to ensure the health and safety of Idahoans and for the accuracy of government records. Opponents say the bill flouts a court order and disregards the rule of law, in addition to being inherently discriminatory. Deputy Attorney General Brian Kane outlined a number of concerns and potential issues in a letter sent to the Idaho Legislature. Among other things, he called the law inconsistent with court precedent and said that the bill would face higher scrutiny when reviewed by judges.

Similar concerns have been raised regarding HB 500. Five former Attorneys Generalsfrom Idaho have called for Little to veto the bill, citing the law’s unconstitutionality and the inevitable lengthy and costly legal battles. HB 500 prohibits transgender women and girls from competing on female sports teams sponsored by public schools, colleges or universities. Supporters claim the law will protect the advances gained for female athletes by Title IX, and that transgender women would have advantages over their teammates and opponents. Opponents say the law is discriminatory and would subject female athletes to invasive testing in order to prove their gender. This, they argue, could discourage women from participating in sports.

The law requires proof of the athlete’s gender if it is disputed. Critics worry that athletes could be subjected to humiliating tests solely because someone has a grudge against them. In response to these concerns, supporters of the bill added an amendment that gave any athlete who loses an opportunity, or is forced to prove their gender due to a false claim a cause of action against their accuser. The amendment has not mollified opponents of the bill.

Further, despite what supporters of the bill claim, the issue of whether transgender women would have an advantage due to their inherently higher testosterone levels has not been resolved. The International Olympic Committee permits transgender women who have been on hormone therapy for a year and have testosterone levels under a certain threshold to compete on against other women.

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USA: US Naval officer files suit against transgender military ban

USA: US Naval officer files suit against transgender military ban

A US Naval officer in Massachusetts filed suit against the Department of Defense for discrimination under the current administration’s transgender military ban Tuesday.

The plaintiff is going by the name James Doe in the interest of privacy. Doe came out as transgender after the ban went into effect in 2019, so she was not protected by the military’s grandfather clause. This clause allowed transgender individuals to continue their service if they came out before the ban.

Jennifer Levi, project director at GLBT Legal Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) stated that, “As an experienced officer, all she seeks is the ability to continue serving her country.”

The complaint states that, “The Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment grants Plaintiff constitutional liberties and a fundamental right to privacy that encompasses and protects Plaintiff’s right to self identification and self-determination as a transgender person.” The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in a federal district court in Massachusetts.

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EUROPEAN COMMISSION AGAINST RACISM AND INTOLERANCE (ECRI) publishes recommendations on LGBTI equality in new report on Switzerland

A new report by the Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) calls on Switzerland to increase funding and human resources for counselling centres for victims of racism, and to deal more effectively with discrimination, as well as promoting integration. ECRI notes significant progress since its last report in 2014, but some issues continue to give […]

EUROPEAN COMMISSION AGAINST RACISM AND INTOLERANCE (ECRI) publishes new report on Switzerland — International Law in Switzerland – Professor Andreas R Ziegler