In Ukraine, homosexual relations has been removed from the list of prohibitive criteria for blood donation

In Ukraine, homosexual relations has been removed from the list of prohibitive criteria for blood donation

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Source: @AllianceGlobalKyiv:

In Ukraine, such a discriminatory norm as homosexual relations has been removed from the list of prohibitive criteria for blood donation, which was previously equated to “risky behavior” and it have allowed homosexual and bisexual people to finally be blood donors.The Order #207 of 08.02.2021 came into force in early April, but the text is still not on the official website of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, but it`s available on the website “LEAGUE: LAW”, link here (in Ukrainian): to the joint advocacy efforts of many stakeholders, including Alliance.Global and the National MSM Consortium #MSM_PRO and based on medical common sense, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has completely revised the rules of donation, “clearing” them of all irrational and unfair restrictions.In addition to the issue of homosexual relations, some other positions have disappeared from the new Order of the Ministry of Health, such as that contraindications to donation are “paid sexual services” or “sexual relations with strangers without a condom”; the old position “Addiction” was revised to “Intravenous or intramuscular injections” was clarified (see Annex #3 “Exclusion criteria of whole blood donors and blood components” of the new Order and for comparison – the old and no longer valid order the Ministry of Health: dated 01.08.2005).However, in the new Order in paragraph #12 “Sexual Behavior” still remains the wording “A person with risky sexual behavior that can lead to serious infectious diseases that can be transmitted through blood”.This is a significant victory for you and me – all those who fought against such an openly discriminatory norm, which has worked for more than 15 years.Back in 2015, the EU court ruled that if the recipient’s safety could be guaranteed through HIV detection and donor surveys, banning homosexual people from being donors was unacceptable.Human rights activists have repeatedly stated that banning LGBTQ people from donating blood is discriminatory. The removal of this ban was envisaged in the human rights Action plan for the period up to 2020.We also remind you that on September 30 last year the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed the Law “On Safety and Quality of Donor Blood and Blood Components” №931-IX (see here: #MSM_PRO, in solidarity with Alliance.Global, LGBT Association LIGA, Гей-Форум України / Gay-Forum of Ukraine NGO, Spectrum Kharkiv, Alliance.Global Kharkiv, MenSpace, “100% life” – PLHIV NetworkWith: MPact, International Association of Providers of AIDS Care, ECOM, WHO Regional Office for Europe, Amnesty International Ukraine, Freedom House Ukraine, AIDS Action Europe, Альянс громадського здоров’я Alliance for Public Health, Gender Z

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