ILGA – LGBTI news of the world – 25 September – 1 October 2020

ILGA – LGBTI news of the world – 25 September – 1 October 2020
Written by Maddalena Tomassini
Edited by Daniele Paletta
This has been a crucial week for many trans and gender diverse people in our communities. In India, new regulations reportedly state that trans individuals won’t be required to undergo a medical examination to see their gender legally recognised.

In Italy, the national pharmaceutical agency decided that Hormone Replacement Treatment will now be provided for free.

In the United States, California approved four bills marking some important steps towards equality – included for trans, non-binary and intersex persons in prison settings. Still, criminalisation and abusive preconditions to be legally recognised continue to be all too common in many countries across the world, as the newly-released Trans Legal Mapping Report by ILGA World has shown. Our siblings are fighting to be recognised as equal citizens everywhere, seeking to build a world that is finally safe for us to live in.

A report from Egypt shows that many LGBT people still face unacceptable levels of violence on the grounds of who they are and whom they love.

In the Cook Islands, a campaign has continued to call on the government to scrap  provisions that still criminalise same-sex activities between consenting adults: a report on the issue, however, has been postponed for a few more months.

Lesbian, bisexual and trans women are making their voices heard at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, where activists highlighted the extent of the violence and discrimination they face in many countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Meanwhile at the United Nations, 34 States from all regions of the world called on the Human Rights Council to urgently protect intersex persons in their bodily autonomy and right to health, marking an historic step forward for the global intersex community.

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