ILGA – LGBTI news of the world – 2-8 October 2020

ILGA – LGBTI news of the world – 2-8 October 2020
Written by Daniele Paletta
Covid-19 has exacerbated inequalities worldwide, and had a disproportionate impact on LGBTI persons. This week, the latest report by the UN Independent Expert on SOGI to the UN General Assembly has emerged as a strong call on States to ensure that their responses to the pandemic do not discriminate against our communities.

Meanwhile, worrying news has emerged from many corners of the world: in Argentina, a court has failed to recognise the murder of a trans activist as a hate crime, backtracking from a previous historic ruling.

In the United States, two Justices at the Supreme Court openly renewed their attacks on marriage equality.

In Japan, a politician has claimed that discussing diversity in schools would lead to having no children in the future.

In Bulgaria, a teenage mob organised an attack against a group of peers and posted the footage on social media, in a chilling attempt to target them on the grounds of their sexual orientation.

And yet, despite this concerning news, we continue to see important victories, and to work together in unity to take steps towards equality. During a trial in Kenya, the prosecutor was ordered to stop deadnaming a trans woman in court and to respect her identity.

In Aotearoa New Zealand, ahead of the country’s general elections, LGBTI organisations have teamed up to present their demands to the incoming government, and are obtaining encouraging pledges.

From all over the world, our communities gathered together virtually this week to celebrate International Lesbian Day.

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